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Dirckze and Tofflemire is an award-winning small media production company founded in 2015 by Steven Dirckze and Taylor Tofflemire with the goal of creating short films using puppets and digital effects on a micro budget.

Accomplishments for the company include filming across 20+ countries, building and performing numerous puppets, and winning both the Best Fan Representation award at the San Diego Fan Film Awards and a Special Mention from the Jim Henson Company for the short film The Wanderer

Throughout this, Dirckze and Tofflemire has stuck to the goal of creating quality content whilst attempting to bring puppetry back into the limelight through innovative techniques and ideas, including the usage of digital effects as a means of enhancing practical effects.


Steven provides most of the camerawork and digital VFX for Dirckze and Tofflemire. Although he does provide the movement and voices for several characters in D&T productions, his specialty lies in enhancing the visuals and editing them to tell a coherent story.

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Taylor is the puppetmaster of Dirckze and Tofflemire. Most of the puppets used for the short films and series are solely crafted by Taylor, through long hours of measuring, sewing, and cutting fabric or foam. She also performs several of the characters who recur throughout Dirckze and Tofflemire's various films and series.


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